Full-Color, Photo Prints
on Real Metal with a
Standard Inkjet Printer.

What is AlumaJet?

AlumaJet® is ink jet printable aluminum that allows you to print
full-color, photographic images directly onto real metal without the hassle of heat presses or transfer paper.

What makes AlumaJet special is that it allows you to print directly on to real metal with a standard printer. AlumaJet does not require specialty inks, transfer papers or heat presses, nor does it require a specialty printer. Any standard water-based ink jet printer with a straight feed path will print on AlumaJet.


The AlumaJet printing process is easy, reliable and affordable because it works with many standard off-the-shelf ink jet printers (see below for tested printers). Printing on AlumaJet is very similar to printing on photo paper. Because compatible printers are water-based, inks can sit idle for months and still get good results upon start up. Unlike dye-sublimation, AlumaJet requires no transfer paper or heat presses. Compared to UV-cured ink jet systems, the AlumaJet compatible printers cost a fraction of the price.

Compatible Printers:

  • Epson Stylus Pro 3800 and 3880
  • Epson Stylus Pro 4880
  • Canon Pixma 9000 & 9500
  • HP B9180
  • Epson R800/R1800
  • Canon IPF 5000 & 6000 Series
  • Epson Stylus Pro 7880
  • Epson SureColor P800

AlumaJet is recommended for indoor use because, like all pigmented inks, colors will fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Image life can be extended
with UV blocking over-laminates.

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Why Use AlumaJet?

Off The Shelf Printers Compatible with Off-the-Shelf Inkjet Printers:

Uses reliable, widely available printers
Full Color Allows Full-Color Prints Directly Onto Real Metal:

Photo-quality resolution prints, consistent results
No Special Inks Requires No Specialty Inks or Printers:

Low operating and start-up costs
One-Step Processing Requires No Transfer Paper or Heat Press:

Quick & easy, like printing on paper

When To Use AlumaJet?

Because of the higher perceived value of real metal, items printed on AlumaJet tend to command higher prices, look more valuable, and are less likely to be discarded (think business cards and promotional products on metal). These are the core AlumaJet applications:


Photographic ReproductionsCertificate and Article ReproductionsArchitectural and Wayfinding SignagePlaques and Awards

How to Get AlumaJet?

For pricing information, view the AlumaJet Price List

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